Tips for Buying and Managing Domain Names

Work With a Reliable Company

There are a lot of issues that can crop up when purchasing and managing a domain yourself. One of the most important things you can do in order to avoid the headache and disruption to your business is by working with a local company like Binary Net. Establishing a personal relationship with your Domain Registrar makes it easier to control your domain.

Avoid Major Disruptions to Your domain by Following This Advice!

1. Avoid Domain Name Lapse or Loss of Ownership

Sudden domain Name lapse or loss of ownership can be a huge problem. Take this true story: First thing Monday morning, a client calls BTM World Headquarters and states that his company’s email and website went down over the weekend. During the time his website was down, his email stopped, and his business came to a complete halt!  

An issue like this is a huge concern, and from the perspective of clients, it is easy to miss automated domain renewal messages. Luckily, you can avoid this major set back by hiring a partner who knows your business and is looking out for you and your company. The Binary Net team personally knows each client and is able to identify when a domain name might be expiring. We often make personal calls to clients to remind them of their renewals. 

2. Trust a Well-Established, Local Company

While there are a variety of Domain Registrars out there, they are NOT all created equal. We once saw a client call the business who hosted their website, email, and domain name, only to discover that the company was out of business! What’s the solution? Trust an established company! 

Binary Net is a family-owned business that has been around for over 20 years. Plus, a large majority of our team lives and works in Lincoln. We keep things personal by assigning a primary account manager who will stay in contact with you. Come visit our downtown office any time or call your account manager directly if you have questions or need assistance! 

3. Make Security Requirements Easier

While the primary goal of security is to keep the wrong people out, often, those same security measures can lock people out of their own accounts. For example, some businesses require a pin number or the last 4 digits of the card on file when you call about an account. What happens if this info is lost or you don’t have it? You’ll be out of luck. As a smaller company, we are available 24/7 and will respond much more quickly. (Certain companies request a 72-hour turnaround!)

Of course, Binary has requirements too, but we also know our clients personally and will work with you directly until a problem is solved. 

Real-Life Example: We had a situation where a client had a change in management and couldn’t access their account any longer. To help with the recovery process, we visited the business, met the team, and were able to help walk them through the process of securely recovering their data.

Interested in domain management through Binary Net? Reach out to our experts below! 

Still Want To Manage a Domain Yourself?

If you would like to manage your domain yourself, keep in mind this advice:

  1. Make sure your registrant information is in your company’s name and that you have a reliable, knowledgeable team member managing it. 
  2. Keep your account information in a safe, easily accessible place. Even better, use a password manager application to store sensitive info. 
  3. Consider auto-renewing your domain plan so that you don’t lose access or buy a multi-year plan. 

If you have any further questions about why Binary Net is your best option for buying and managing domains, please contact us today!

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